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Industries Served | PHD

Industries Served


PHD has a long-standing commitment to nonprofits. Serving our community aligns to one of our core values and is an area PHD specializes in. From child services and family emergency providers, to local food banks and beyond, our staff works to understand who you serve and the calling you answer, so PHD can answer your needs.



Protecting the security of adolescents and young minds in a learning environment is a top priority today. We continually work with educational institutions and campuses to provide physical security and IT services you can trust and depend on as if the students are our employees’ children.



PHD understands the unique technology challenges faced by law firms and their partners. We also understand the time constraints legal services comes with and we can help you get the most out of your technology solutions by improving efficiency and productivity. We help firms adapt to and prepare for everchanging technologies to help keep their partners and their business protected. 


Engineering & Architecture

Productivity and security of contracts with deliverables to clients are your priorities, our staff works to make sure PHD provides solutions to help you reach your business goals. Our experience in the intricacies of your business and IT know-how to customize solutions instead of standard package.



Nothing is more frustrating than worry about financial security in today’s online banking world. As a financial institution, your role is to help secure your customers’ financial future, we get that, and know our number one role is provide security compliance and data encryption to work for your network. PHD’s customized solutions support your business so you can support your customers.



Process is key to a successful manufacturing operation. By developing custom surveillance solutions, PHD helps you streamline to achieve your business goals.


Commercial Real Estate

Property managers and commercial building owners face the responsibility of providing reliable security solutions for their tenants. PHD focuses on providing scalable multisite solution for these clients.